Bolt Jointed Aluminum Busbar System

Bolt Jointed Aluminum Busbar System

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Bolt Jointed Aluminum Busbar System

Bolt joint Shrouded Bus bar system are used for the electrification of mobile equipment. are super finished and cross section is maintained to achieve required ampere. The material for track is Copper Conductors shall be accurately aligned to ensure positive electrical contact between the collector and the conductor. Separate conductors shall be provided for each phase. Insulation cover shall be rigid PVC, self extinguishing, with a heat distortion point of 70ºC at 260psi. This is a part of EOT crane and crane components.

Technical Data Sheet :

Type : H Type Bolt Joint DSL Bus bar
Capacity : 400 to 800 Amp
Supply : 415 Volt , 3 Phase + Neutral
Frequency : 50 Hz
Standard Conductor Length : 4.5 Mtrs

Features :

• Touch proof, no exposed live part.
• Quick & easy Installation.
• Insulating cover shaped to shed from water and dust.
• Single Pole individually Conductors.
• Suitable for Indoor / Outdoor Installation.

Application : Conductor bar can be found on overhead crane runways, hoists,trolleys, conveyors, port cranes and people movers.