F21-E1B Telecrane Radio Control

F21-E1B Telecrane Radio Control

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radio remote control is mainly used for Hoist, Crane, monorails and tow truck, easy to operate to keep workers safety.


Products Application:

single hook electric cable hoist ,monorails,single speed electric hoist or electric single speed hoist crane,and used for the industrial remote control which are under 9 connection



control distance: up to 100m

unique code : over 4.3billon unique ID codes .

temperature : -35°C___ 80°C

Enclosure protection class : IP65

Transmitter power: DC3v

Receiver powder : AC 380v/ 36v/220V or DC12V/24V

output capacity: full sealed relay output with 5 amperes


Standard configuration:

One transmitter ;

One receiver;

One 1m cable connect with receiver

One operation and maintain manual .

Products Features:

* 8 push buttons with 7 single-speed buttons and 1 stop buttons

* control points up to 9

* With the battery voltage alarm device to cut off the circuit when voltage is insufficient.

* with the Rotate key switch to guarantee the safety.


* set the internal functions by computer interface

* up/down ,east/west , south/ north push button can be set mutual inhibition or not .

* spare 1 key can be set start ,speed up,jump strokes, ordinary etc.