Motor Protection System

Motor Protection System

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Elmeasure as a trend setter, it has once again come up with setting a benchmark in the field of instrumentation.

Elmeasure’s MPS is a total care for your motors which gives max protection through more features by monitoring various parameters meticulously.

It is a universal solution to safeguard motors against various problems.

Frequent fluctuation in line voltage or over loading the equipment / motor leads to failure.

Mechanical wear and fear causes the motor to work inefficiently or burn.

Elmeasure's Motor Protection System is a multifunction system providing comprehensive and easy to define motor protection, monitoring and control.

The system offers a continuous reliable protection of motors / equipment against abnormal voltage, overload, frequency, PF, single phasing, unbalance loading of voltage and current, neutral current, phase reversal, winding short, etc.

  • MPS 8000
  • MPU 5110