Multi Channel Load Manager

Multi Channel Load Manager

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A multi channel load manager that provides 3 channel or 9 channel single phase electrical information and is available in two different constructions (96x96mm panel meter or 90x90mm Din Rail).

A technological wonder that provides the customer with 3 times faster data communication to the SCADA/Energy Management Software, saves critical panel space, reduces cabling and best of all reduces the cost of the panel substantially.

Multiple PDU's can be cascaded to measure multiple channels with a maximum of 15 channels in a series with common display unit making up the Power Distribution System (PDS).

The system also allows the user to have multiple meters placed in the panel with a single display unit placed at a remote location.












  • For remote reading and control, the PDU is supported by ElNet Software, designed for remote setup and data viewing and analysis
  • Building Management System: With the open modbus protocol, the PDU can interface any system, such as building management, HMI etc.