Weight Operated Limit Switches

Weight Operated Limit Switches

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Overhead Crane , Gantry Crane , Goalith crane , Crane hoist

Product Description:

When the snatch block of the crane reaches its top position the snatch block pushes a plate which is hanging from one end of the lever of the limit switch. Due to the weight placed on the other end of the lever this lever is pushed up. When the lever is pushed up the shaft to which this lever is connected rotates there by rotating the cams which eventually open the contacts and disconnect the motor. The electronic limit switch contacts are automatically reset when the lever returns to zero position due to gravitational force.

Technical Data:
Body Material : Powder Coated Aluminum die cast
Degree of Protection : IP-55
Mounting Position : Floor
Cable Entries : 2, 3/4" Conduit
No. of Contact : 2/3
Contact : Double break silver cadmium
Wire Connection : Screw terminal
Rated Voltage Insulation : 500 V.A.C.
Thermal Test Current : 40 Amps.
Operation : 720/hour